How to adjust bicycle spokes?
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Adjust the tightness of the spokes to adjust whether the wheels of the bicycle turn on the same plane.

First, we need a spoke wrench.

The spokes net is the most common one three net, each one of the spokes and the other three spokes each cross at a time.

A rib is arranged between the spoke and the spoke cap, and the spoke cap is rotated with a spoke wrench, so that the spoke elasticity can be adjusted.

But before adjusting the spokes, the tires must be deflated. Otherwise, the rotating spoke cap can easily pierce the inner tube.

The adjustment is in order to maintain the tightness of the spoke Zhou Zheng. You can use the following 3 ways to observe the rim of Zhou Zheng:

1. Remove the wheel and fit it on the special school ring rack.

2, do not remove the wheel, one hand to hold the fork, thumbs up near the medial rim.

The gap between the 3, and the observation on the brake.

Either way, the principle is:

Turning the wheel rim from the reference space, is here to tighten spokes, and loose spokes;

Rim somewhere toward the left, right, left loose tighten spokes spokes. Instead, close left and loose on the right.

Finally the rim around the gap between the reference object is completely uniform, and each spoke tension is uniform, the school bus circle is complete.

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