What are the weaving methods of spokes?
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First the good axis, what kind of shaft is good, we do not say repairable, say simply, is a pair of shafts in the strength enough, the lighter the better run, because of the same wheel, shaft is lighter, wheel weight is natural inertia and the outer ring is good, Flat mountain climbing machetes and wheels require inertia, so that the strength is enough, the nature of the lighter the better run. I do not need to explain, I believe we all understand.

Besides good circle, circle to circle is good, and hard, the harder the better, because the more hard is not easy deformation, the production processing circle, there are many ways, I am not very clear, but hard, is sure to be the. This has something to do with materials, workmanship, and so on. Good circle in the preparation process you will feel, it is very good for good products, and a few debugging, you as long as the method is correct, you will find that the spokes wrench is not to move, it is difficult to change the shape of a little circle. This is a very good sign, if you are on the flat circle, you will also find that, as long as you start not wrong, this time the circle has very round, just some very fine don't even need to adjust.

Then say, the bar, the price gap is huge, I used DT, ACI, around 500, a car, really is a very good bar. It is difficult to be broken, the finished wheel group is rarely broken bar, cheaper points, such as Taiwan Shun long, is also a good choice, but also cheaper Taiwan N brand spokes, and some of the Tianjin strip. As long as not too cheap junk, all can also, but good, good strength and toughness, it is difficult to pull off, can be adjusted to the number of pounds is very high, and some very cheap let me very suffering, a little hard, they jumped off, let me really depressed. It is undeniable that if it is the same with you, 36 more than 32 natural root root strength is high, but the conditions are not the same, such as high quality, small number, can have very high strength, many finished wheel spokes, but they are durable, because a good guarantee the strength, is the natural number less, because it means that the lighter weight and smaller drag, to remind you to pay attention to the general, a road wheel group to use 3 different lengths of the spokes, a front wheel, a rear wheel on each side, why not explain, front wheel the middle, wheelbase 100MM, after on the fly, so is asymmetry, and the axial length is 130-135, so it is not the same, so before and after two, a total of 3 units, more is not the same, for example, I use 105 axis with the knife ring, before Wheel 275, rear wheel left 273, right 270. Of course, different cycles and different methods of compilation have different length choices, for example.

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