The cause of motorcycle wobble
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1 wheel deviation. The cause of the trouble may be that the front and rear wheels are not installed on one plane; the front fork, back fork and frame are distorted; the shock absorber is unbalanced at the left and right.

2 、 the transmission is loose. Causes may include: the spindle and the auxiliary shaft not parallel; gear and spline shaft hole wear; bearing wear or damage.

3 the fuel supply device is blocked. The cause of the trouble may be that the fuel switch is clogged; the fuel filter has too many deposits; the carburetor float chamber is caught by the card.

4 wheel wobble. Causes may include: wheel bearing wear, the gap is too large; the spokes rim relaxation, distortion; rear wheel bearing severe wear; axle nut fastening loose.

5 clutch damage. Causes may include: a drive gear meshing clearance is too large; the tooth parts of gear damage; between active on-chip round convex block and the clutch housing on the gap is too large; rubber shock pad damage; buffer spring is not homogeneous; the outer casing of the clutch teeth on a gap between the.

6, the direction of abnormal jitter. Causes may include: a front fork vertical thrust bearing clearance on the tube number or the steel ball is not enough; wear before the shock absorber oil shortage or shock absorber piston and other parts; the wheel radial runout is too large, the tire pressure is too high or too low; the front fork tube bending deformation.

7, the chain becomes longer, sprocket shape smaller. The cause of the failure may be: when the new car assembly, the wheelbase error is too large, resulting in relatively long chain; because of long-term jitter impact, the active sprocket and driven sprocket wear seriously, the chain is further elongated.

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