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The difference between electric motors and electric motors used in electric motors
Data:2017-06-21    Source: Qingjin Vehicle Spoke Co., Ltd.     Pv:

Electric motors are generally DC motors, with and without permanent magnet classification, there are two types of permanent magnet motor and series motor. The rotating part of the motor is called the rotor. The rotor or stator of a permanent magnet machine is a permanent magnet, and the other is a enameled wire wrapped around the enameled wire; the rotor and stator of the series motor are wrapped by enameled wires. The same power motor, permanent magnet motor than serial excitation motor power saving. Permanent magnet motor magnet is afraid of high temperature, poor quality, 110 degrees will be demagnetization, good to 140 degrees; series motor has no permanent magnet, there is no such problem. Freight on the market three rounds, motor power is generally 400-900 watts, the use of series motor.

The motor is provided with an electric vehicle, a spoke wheel and an integral wheel, wherein, the spoke wheel of the electric vehicle is a ring hole around the motor, and the steel ring is connected with the steel ring through the electric vehicle spokes. The outer wheel of the integral wheel can be directly attached to the tyre.

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