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The role of a bicycle spokes
Data:2017-06-21    Source: Qingjin Vehicle Spoke Co., Ltd.     Pv:

1, rim effect is to increase strength, support tires, adjusting the spokes of the bicycle to ensure stable elastic effect.

2. Bicycle spokes have many kinds of knitting methods, such as direct radial weave and tangential cutting. In a simple way, the radial weave is the simplest and requires the shortest spoke, but the vibrations from the ground pass directly through the spokes to the body and onto the rider's PP.

The tangential encoding method has many kinds, this type of weave weave spokes longer than the diameter of the complex has always been one of the most mature, and is the most commonly used three cross compiling method, namely from the drum wheel spokes arrived, a total intersection with three spokes. Tangential weave benefits on the one hand, there is a certain flexibility, can absorb part of the ground vibration, better comfort; more important is derived from the drum power conduction along the tangential direction to the rim, the higher power transmission efficiency. These two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, but relatively speaking, the latter has more obvious advantages, so it has become a common method of bicycle wheel group. Of course, in order to combine the advantages of the two, a number of professional wheel group brands have adopted a combination of methods, such as front wheel radial, rear wheel tangential, or one side of the radial direction, the other side of the cutting method.

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