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Bicycle chain rust removing tips
Data:2017-06-21    Source: Qingjin Vehicle Spoke Co., Ltd.     Pv:

Your bicycle chain if rust, first kitchen cleaning agent will rust wipe, and then put the cleaning agent on the chain clean after washing, put in diesel, can make the bicycle chain recover.

The new bike, to set a plastic set, in order to protect the brake, increase the friction between the brake and the hand of the rider, especially in the summer, cycling is more safe, the installation method is: use hot water will handle global expansion, or in the authoritarian point of talcum powder, so easy to set. If the saddle with cloth, fabric or artificial leather seat cover, protect the saddle, and soft and comfortable, pants. A rubber pedal sleeve can be sheathed on the pedal. With a plastic belt frame and front fork etc. or don't cerecloth winding, otherwise easy to paint. But bell, handle, lock plate and frame vertical fork, fork leg splint and a brake pad, should avoid coating and paint cloth, worn away.

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