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Comparison of spoke wheel and die casting wheel of motorcycle
Data:2017-06-21    Source: Qingjin Vehicle Spoke Co., Ltd.     Pv:

The spoke wheel (hereinafter referred to as the wheel) was invented by Renault in England in 1869. It was then used in bicycles and later developed for motorcycles and automobiles. The wheel was invented early and the process was mature. It has the following advantages:

1, wire wheel toughness, good elasticity, good impact resistance, high elasticity and high toughness of the spokes along the tangential direction to the hub, external impact force through the spokes of the buffer, dispersion, weaken the impact force at the moment that the hub is the. At present, the world motor cross-country racing championship of the famous department of cars are all using wire wheels. All mountain bikes also use wire wheels. Imagine the discomfort of riding a bicycle on a bicycle.

2 、 light weight of line wheel, small resistance to rotating air. The small displacement vehicle using line wheel is helpful to improve the thrust / weight ratio, the higher the better acceleration and performance, climbing performance car. All domestic models of wheel wheel rotation, air resistance than the same type of plate wheel small.

3, line wheel purchase / repair / replacement costs than the same type of plate wheel low, sufficient parts, damaged, in remote areas can also find good replacement.

Die casting wheel, commonly known as plate wheel, has its main advantages:

1 、 the plate wheel is rigid and the torque transmission is fast. Because of the toughness of the wheel, the torque transfer is somewhat slower than the wheel, and for the large displacement racing car that produces tremendous torque in a flash, the wheel is not suitable, so it is rare to see track racing without a wheel. The wheel can withstand a great deal of load, but the momentary impact force causes it to cause irreversible deformation or cracks (some of which are very subtle and imperceptible) and care to be taken by the wheel truck as a cross-country vehicle.

2, plate eccentricity is generally better than the same grade line wheel. As long as the high precision mould, plate wheel eccentricity control is very low, and the line wheel spokes are to consider the error factors, so when the wheel speed is high, round plate is relatively stable, due to the eccentric oscillation focus is very small, it is also conducive to the stability of high-speed car.

3, if the wheel wheel is not affected by the large instant impact, it is more durable than the wire wheel, and more antirust and corrosion resistant than the wire wheel.

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