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Method for adjusting motorcycle spoke
Data:2017-05-09    Source: Qingjin Vehicle Spoke Co., Ltd.     Pv:

First of all to distinguish between the spokes of the SUV models, take for example, front and rear wheel spokes are not the same size, and in the same points within a wheel (commonly known as big and small, rear wheel bending) SUV had 4 spokes. It is woven into 4 small cross combinations, shall not be embossed (that is, phase fork spokes shall not be deliberately phase pressure), otherwise it will cause serious damage to the motorcycle spokes and strip mother.

After weaving is adjusted, to have a dedicated shelf to put the wheel, there is no adjustment can also be in the car, but no matter how the wheels can not sway around and up and down. Then to preload, this step is very important, must be neat (i.e. every root exposure or eat into the silk, with hands as much) strength is appropriate, not too tight.

Preload is shaking (commonly known as the dragon, a curved) reference point on the rim side (usually on the left, to the left below as an example), rotating wheels from the reference point is near and far closer. On the left is found near the right side of the tightening or loosening the left spokes spokes; turn away, tightening or loosening right left motorcycle spokes spokes; so repeatedly, until from the reference point about the error below 0.4MM is appropriate.

And then adjust the beat, set a benchmark in the outer rim (that is, outside of the circle round, adjustable diameter) are also far and near, the only difference is not about spokes, farther from point is loose tight motorcycle spokes spokes, this is very easy to understand. The same is less than 0.4MM.

Remember to tune again after a good tune again and again shaking, it is necessary, because the time will affect the beat around the pendulum.

The final step is to see if there is no loose, there is a tight tight. The manufacturer is a torque requirements, the fans because of the limitations of the tool is difficult to do for the novice to be patient, the general problem is the spokes of the torque is too large, so that the use will cause broken. To relax the weak side of the spokes, to avoid only tight do not send. To check whether there is a long strip before and after the assembly, if there is a need to repair, avoid long and hurt the inner tube.

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