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Advantages of motorcycle spoke wheel
Data:2017-05-09    Source: Qingjin Vehicle Spoke Co., Ltd.     Pv:

1, wire wheel toughness, good elasticity, good impact resistance, high elasticity and high toughness of the spokes along the tangential direction to the hub, external impact force through the spokes of the buffer, dispersion, weaken the impact force at the moment that the hub is the. At present, the world famous cross-country motorcycle racing cars are all using the line wheel. All of the mountain bikes are also using the line wheel, imagine the ride on the plate wheel bike to take the mountain road discomfort.

2, light weight, small air resistance. The small displacement vehicle using line wheel is helpful to improve the thrust / weight ratio, the higher the better acceleration and performance, climbing performance car. All domestic models of the line wheel air resistance are smaller than the same model of wheel.

3, the line wheel purchase / repair / replacement costs than the same model of the wheel is low, spare parts, damaged, in remote areas can also find good replacement.

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