How to choose bicycle spokes?
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Spokes, commonly known as steel wire, steel wire. Very small, very inconspicuous, but the role played absolutely not to be underestimated.

There are many kinds of spokes. To select the correct spokes, we must first understand what kind of spokes are there

From the material point of view, the spokes of steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber and Kevlar, etc.

The common ones are steel spokes, and almost all other materials appear on the finished wheel sets

Further down is the classification of the shape. The spokes are pided into round bars and flat bars

Be pided: round bar and grading and reducing diameter, strip and a flat and small strip

And then downward classification: the diameter of a variety of diameter, the variable bar has a variety of variable specifications, flat strip thickness is not the same, the width is not the same, the cross-section shape is also different.

For small diameter, mean diameter wheel rim strength is higher, so the 1.8 diameter is one of the spokes of the wheels, from 14 inches to 451 C.

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