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Enterprise advantage

First, it focuses on what it does best, the design and manufacturing of high performance spokes and nipples for both amateur and professional use.  Qingjin doesn not produce any wheels, nor hubs, nor machines or any other products. Just high performance spokes and nipples.


Spokes for high-end as well as for basic wheels, made from high-quality inox steel, stainless and zinc spokes.




Second, Qingjin supports its customers and partners to build the best possible wheel by providing them not only with quality products but also with all the support they need.


Finally, Qingjin does not compromise with quality.  It uses the highest possible grade of material and ensures a perfect traceability of all products it manufactures.


High tensile, fatigue-resistant spokes following Qingjin Forging Technology.

Large range of spokes and nipples available in many lengths.

50% of our products are custom-made.  We give technical assistance to find optimal solution for our customers.



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