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Spoke Nipples and Packing

Material :304 Stainless Steel

C45 :High-carbon Steel

Gauge :8G–14G

Length :12mm,14mm,16mm

Country/Region of Manufacture:China

Product features:The main products include: various spokes and nipples for bicycle, e-bike, motorcycle and other bicycle spare parts. Materials include stainless steel, C45 steel, surface treatments consist of UCP, ED, CP, Nickel Plated, Powder Coating etc.

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304 Stainless Steel

High Speed Steel(HSS)

C45 High-carbon Steel



Gauge : 8G–14G

Length : 12mm,14mm,16mm

Surface treatment:

ED treatment

Zinc plated (UCP)

Chrome plated (CP)

Nickel pleated

Powder coating

Quality standard:

Conform to JIS D9420 - 1994

QC/T893 - 2013

QB/T 1888 - 1993




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